One Eyeland Awards 2018

Award Winning Images in Nature Category

One Eyeland Awards is delighted to unveil its winners for 2018. Adjudged by a jury of 16 eminent artists, the awards this year received over 4000 images from 64 countries. In all, our choosy judges decided to give out 31 Golds, 115 Silvers, 220 Bronzes and 361 Finalists. Our congratulations to the winners.

One Eyeland has announced their 2018 One Eyeland Awards winners. Over 4000 images were submitted and evaluated by 16 judges. This year 31 images were awarded Gold, 115 Silver, 220 Bronze and 361 Finalists.

I am so honored to be among this year’s winners as first in class silver award winner in the nature category. These international awards are held every year, this year’s contest had entries from 64 countries.

Photography has been a passion and medium for me for years but animals are my one true love. The opportunity to bring the character of animals to those who may not always see it is an immense privilege for me. If you missed it, I had the opportunity to bring this passion to people across the United States on PetSmart storefronts.

The Photographic Process for Birds in Flight

Working with wildlife is always a challenge. When photographing birds, especially like these tiny sparrows, it takes patience to capture the right moment. Over the course of a week I refined the process of capturing these sparrows in my backyard. Since then, I’ve revisited this project over the years and added to my collection. Backyard birding is one of the easiest ways to appreciate wildlife and I hope these images inspire at least one person to stop and give it a shot.

The images were captured within the confines of my backyard using a black backdrop and strobe. If you’re familiar with strobes you’ll know that it is important for this type of action to minimize your flash duration. Once the lighting was refined, it was just a matter of sitting back, enjoying the action and capturing that perfect moment.


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